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How to make an Autostereogram in Blender

Posted: Sat May 23, 2020 6:49 pm
by katsura
you will need some ways to create depth map images in order to create an autostereogram or Single Image Random Dot Stereogram (SIRDS).

YouTube video (not made by me): How to make an Autostereogram in Blender.

i assume you can download some free Blender 3D models from websites such as:
you can create a SIRDS image manually one by one.

if you want to create a stereogram animation, you should be able to use my sample AppleScript script to generate SIRDS images from depth map images automatically. then you would somehow need to make those images into a movie. i was able to create a movie from multiple frame images using the QuickTimer Player app long time ago. but i don't think the recent version of QuickTime Player doesn't let you make a movie from images.

Sample AppleScript script: here

and turn frame images into a movie with these apps, maybe? or use the QuickTime Player app.